Understanding Aging Women’s Health Concerns & Needs

As healthy aging and menopause are becoming more discussed and researched, TruBiotics conducted a survey with OnePoll that explored some of the most unexpected parts of aging and how women address their concerns. The survey uncovers some unexpected findings and shows that Gen Z and millennial women are most proactive about addressing their health.

The survey of 2,050 U.S. women, found that over three-quarters of women (77%) have noticed various body changes over the past decade. However, less than a third (30%) of them felt well-prepared for these changes. The survey revealed that Millennial and Gen X women were the most likely to notice these changes, with Gen Z and Baby Boomers also experiencing them. As women age, 60% become more proactive about their everyday health concerns.

To address these changes, women are adopting various measures, including eating healthier foods, taking vitamins or supplements, exercising more, and getting regular check-ups. The most common changes reported include digestive challenges, weakening eyesight, body aches and pains, and wrinkles, with variations by generation. Probiotics and supplements have become a primary proactive step for women, with 57% of women taking them.

Women are also prioritizing getting sufficient sleep, regular exercise, and relaxation to maintain their overall health. However, the survey found that women feel less knowledgeable about certain health areas, particularly musculoskeletal health, gut or digestive health, and immune health.

Women seek information about these changes from registered dietitians, online websites, and traditional news outlets, with only 30% consulting their OB-GYN or General Practitioners. The study also highlighted that many women feel embarrassed discussing age-related body changes, but about 65% would be willing to share methods to ease them with others.

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