What are Probiotics?

Probiotics are the good guys of your gut. They’re living microorganisms—beneficial bacteria—that help you maintain a healthy digestive tract.*

Your digestive tract is best known for its role in the digestion of food, but did you know it also houses 70% of your immune system and the largest number and variety of bacteria in the body? Beneficial bacteria in the digestive tract have the ability to interact and communicate with immune cells, intestinal cells and the neurons in the body to influence digestive health, immune health and overall well-being.*

Why You May Need a Probiotic Supplement

Most individuals don’t get nearly enough probiotics from food alone. Certain lifestyle and environmental factors including diet, age, stress, travel and sleep can also disrupt the balance of the friendly bacteria in the digestive tract. In order to maintain this balance it’s important to take a probiotic supplement that can help replenish good bacteria. Taking a quality probiotic supplement daily can help you proactively maintain good digestive, immune and overall health.*

Why Choose TruBiotics?

When taken daily, TruBiotics helps replenish beneficial bacteria in the gut to naturally support overall health and wellness by maintaining digestive and immune health.*

According to the ISAPP (International Association of Probiotics), you should consider the following criteria when choosing a probiotic.

Criteria to consider when choosing a probiotic:

1. Strain Types

Not all probiotics are the same. Find a probiotic that contains the beneficial bacteria that have been shown to provide the benefits you are seeking.

The TruBiotics Advantage:

TruBiotics contains a proprietary blend of BB-12 and LA-5-one of the most clinically studied probiotic combinations. TruBiotics has the most
common types of beneficial bacteria naturally found in the gut which are important for both digestive and immune health.*

2. Quantity (CFUs)

When it comes to probiotics, more is not necessarily better. In fact, you could be paying more for a higher CFU probiotic without necessarily seeing an added benefit. The quantity should match the evidence supporting its benefits.

The TruBiotics Advantage:

TruBiotics effectively supports digestive and immune health with 2
billion CFUs (Colony Forming Units).

3. Survivability In The Gut

For a probiotic to effectively support digestive health it has to survive the gut. If a probiotic strain cannot survive the harsh environment of the intestinal tract you may not see the overall health benefits you were expecting.

The TruBiotics Advantage:

The probiotic strains in TruBiotics are proven to survive in the gut. In fact. the BB-12 strain found in TruBiotics has one of the highest survivability rates of all probiotic strains.

4. Proven Stability Until Expiration

Because the amount of live probiotics in a supplement can decrease over time, it’s important to select a product that guarantees its live probiotic content through the expiration date rather than at the time of manufacturing (since the number of CFUs may decline as it sits on store shelves).

The TruBiotics Advantage:

TruBiotics has TruPreserve® designed to safeguard the live and active probiotics. When stored as directed, TruPreserve® protects the probiotics from light, heat, moisture and air to ensure stability until the product’s expiration date.

TruBiotics identifies the number of live bacteria on its label through the date of expiration. This guarantees that you get the labeled amount of probiotics in each capsule up to the end of its shelf life.

Experience the Tru Power of Two

*This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

BB-12 and LA-5 are registered trademarks of Chr. Hansen.