Microbiome Boost Green Smoothie Bowl

By Mia Syn, MS, RDN

Smoothies are a summertime staple and eating them out of a bowl with a spoon is more fun than drinking from a straw! This smoothie is made with ingredients to support your microbiome including kefir and a capsule of TruBiotics, two sources of probiotics, and Life’s First Naturals Colostrum Powder, a source of prebiotics, the fuel for the good bacteria in the gut.

Serves: 1

Prep time: 5 minutes


½ cup frozen mango

½ cup frozen pineapple

½ cup frozen banana

1 cup spinach

¼ cup unsweetened kefir

1 scoop Colostrum Powder for Adults

1 capsule of TruBiotics Daily Probiotic Supplement

For toppings: diced kiwi, unsweetened coconut flakes, chia seeds, sliced banana


  1. Pull apart the TruBiotics probiotic supplement capsule and pour the contents into the blender with the remaining ingredients.
  2. Scoop the smoothie into a bowl and top with kiwi, coconut flakes, chia seeds and banana.

Experience the Tru Power of Two

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