Join Us for an Instagram Live Discussion on Aging and How to Make the Most of a Longer Life

We’re excited to be hosting an Instagram Live on “Aging and How to Make the Most of a Longer Life!”

Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, Mia Syn (@nutritionbymia), will host Michael Roizen (@drmichaelroizen), M.D. chief wellness officer emeritus at the Cleveland Clinic and author of The Great Age Reboot: Cracking the Longevity Code for a Younger Tomorrow for a discussion about aging and longevity. 

This conversation will shine a spotlight on how nutrition and key supplements play a key role in unlocking our ability to live younger for longer and better. This is the Great Age Reboot! (@greatagereboot)

Join us on our Instagram page on Wed. 11/30/2022 at 12pm PT / 3pm ET. Make sure to follow @nutritionbymia and @drmichaelroizen so you don’t miss it!

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